Gorillaz Are Humanz!

Gorillaz are back, and they’ve got Humanz with them this time around–that’s the title of the animated quartet’s fifth album, which will be released on April 28th. There are plenty of special guests, with this crop [...]

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  • The Shins “Name For You”–Twice!

    March 13, 2017
    The Shins have doubled the fun on the videos for the first  Heartworms single “Name for You.”  The video for the original album version follows a day in the life of skateboarders Savannah Headden and [...]
  • Portugal. The Man Heads To Woodstock

    March 8, 2017
    Portugal the Man have titled their new album Woodstock.  The first single is called “Feel It Still”. There’s no release date yet for Woodstock, but it’s supposed to come out in the late spring or [...]
  • Dan Reynolds Versus Drago In Imagine Dragons New Video For “Believer”

    March 8, 2017
    The new video from Imagine Dragons features an iconic villain from the 1980s–it has frontman Dan Reynolds fighting actor Dolph Lundgren, who played Rocky 4 villain Ivan Drago. Thankfully, the video doesn’t feature one of the heroes dying [...]
  • The Return Of Lorde

    March 3, 2017
    Lorde is back and she has a new album coming out–her sophomore album is title Melodrama.  It’s due out in the summer. The video for the first single, “Green Light,” is here as well!  The [...]
  • Rag ‘N’ Bone’s “Human” Man Beat By Beat

    February 23, 2017
    Rag ‘n’ Bone Man’s “Human” continues to blow up. Rory Graham, also known as Rag ‘n’ Bone Man, won twice at the Brit Awards Wednesday, his home country’s equivalent of the Grammys. He took home [...]